AZ-104 Course

How long will it take to study for the az-104 exam?

The amount of time it takes to study for the AZ-104 exam will vary depending on a number of factors, such as a candidate’s existing knowledge and experience with Azure, their learning style and pace, and the amount of time they are able to dedicate to studying each day.

For someone who is already familiar with Azure and has some experience working with the platform, it may take several weeks or months to study for the AZ-104 exam. However, for someone who is new to Azure and has no prior knowledge or experience with the platform, it may take longer to study for the exam.

It is generally recommended that candidates spend a significant amount of time studying and preparing for the AZ-104 exam, and that they use a combination of learning resources, such as official Microsoft training materials, practice exams, and online tutorials, to ensure that they are fully prepared for the exam.

Additionally, candidates can use study aids such as flashcards, study guides, and review notes to help them memorize key concepts and facts, and can use online forums and communities to connect with other learners and share study tips and strategies. By taking a comprehensive and well-rounded approach to studying for the AZ-104 exam, candidates can increase their chances of success and pass the exam on their first attempt.


Are There Any Performance Lab Questions on AZ-104?

Yes, there usually are!

Note: Microsoft has temporarily suspended performance lab questions. So at the current time, there are not.

Microsoft will ask you to go into the Azure Portal (using an account they provide you) and perform some tasks.

What Topics are on the AZ-104 Exam?

The AZ-104 exam is a certification exam for the Azure Administrator certification. It is designed to test a candidate’s knowledge and skills in administering Azure solutions.

The AZ-104 exam covers a wide range of topics related to Azure administration, including managing Azure subscriptions and resources, implementing and managing storage, deploying and managing virtual machines, configuring and managing virtual networks, and managing identities.

Some specific topics that may be covered on the AZ-104 exam include:

  • Managing Azure subscriptions and resources
  • Implementing and managing storage
  • Deploying and managing virtual machines
  • Configuring and managing virtual networks
  • Managing identities
  • Implementing and managing Azure Active Directory
  • Implementing and managing Azure workloads
  • Monitoring and backing up Azure resources
  • Implementing disaster recovery
  • Implementing and managing Azure governance
  • Implementing and managing Azure security

It’s important to note that the AZ-104 exam is subject to change, and the specific topics covered on the exam may vary. It is always best to check the latest exam information and objectives on the Microsoft website to ensure that you are fully prepared for the exam.

What Type of Coding is On the Exam?

The AZ-104 exam requires knowledge of PowerShell, CLI and Azure Portal for managing resources.

You don’t have to memorize the hundreds of commands and their syntax. But it’s good to be familiar with some common tasks.

Here are some tips for memorizing the commands:

Is The Course Up-to-Date with the Latest Requirements?

You can see the date the course was last updated on the relevant Udemy course landing page.

In general, we are always updating videos or creating new videos as Azure changes or the exam requirements change.

I can say that the courses are updated within the past couple of months, but are also always changing.