AZ-204 Course

Are There Any Performance Lab Questions on AZ-204?

No, those types of questions do not appear on this test.


What Topics are on the AZ-204 Exam?

This is a question that is best answered with a visit to the official Microsoft landing page for this exam.

The short answer is “most things that a developer would need to know to work with Azure”.

  • Azure App Service
  • Functions and Logic Apps
  • Service Fabric Apps
  • Containers
  • Virtual Machines
  • Storage
  • SQL Database
  • Cosmos DB


Can You Review My Code?

Unfortunately, we provide sample code “as-is”, and cannot provide support for that code or your own code. Things do change, and there are a lot of outside factors that determine whether code works or not including access keys, permissions, account settings, subscription type, etc.

So it’s not possible that we can review code. Thanks for understanding.


Is The Course Up-to-Date with the Latest Requirements?

You can see the date the course was last updated on the relevant Udemy course landing page.

In general, we are always updating videos or creating new videos as Azure changes or the exam requirements change.

I can say that the courses are updated within the past couple of months, but are also always changing.