AZ-300 Course

Are There Any Performance Lab Questions on AZ-300?

Yes, there are!

Microsoft will ask you to go into the Azure Portal (using an account they provide you) and perform some tasks.

What Topics are on the AZ-300 Exam?

This is a question that is best answered with a visit to the official Microsoft landing page for this exam.

The short answer is, almost everything.

  • Virtual Machines
  • Serverless
  • Microservices
  • Web Apps
  • Storage
  • Databases
  • Managing Security and Identity
  • AI, IoT and Media Services
  • Monitoring
  • Automation

Is The Course Up-to-Date with the Latest Requirements?

You can see the date the course was last updated on the relevant Udemy course landing page.

In general, we are always updating videos or creating new videos as Azure changes or the exam requirements change.

I can say that the courses are updated within the past couple of months, but are also always changing.